Tumeric Tea Recipe

If you've asked me about inflammation in the office, chances are I've mentioned this to you... so here's the recipe...

Turmeric is an excellent natural anti-inflammatory in addition to it's many other benefits. 

*This is not a supplement or replacement for medications, as always, consult your doctor if you are on medications or believe you have a medical issue.  This is just an excellent way to do something supportive for your body and help it handle inflammation  ;-)

There are a variety of recipes for making turmeric tea, but this one is quick, easy and tasty:


1/2 t ground turmeric

1/2 t ground cinnamon

1 C. hot water

raw honey, to taste

fresh/raw milk, (optional) to taste


Put the turmeric and cinnamon in a measuring cup...

Pour hot (just under boiling) water up the 1 Cup mark and let sit for 10 minutes...

Pour through a fine strainer into your tea cup or mug...

and add a bit of raw honey and or milk to achieve the taste you prefer.  Enjoy!